Muttam, Kanyakumari Dist

Muttam is a small village located on the sea shore in Kanyakumari district. There are bus facilities available to get here from Nagercoil, the district capital. Muttam beach is quite famous within district. But that is not the only tourist attraction here. There is a lighthouse, museum and a fishing harbor in addition to the beach.

Light house & Museum

The museum is about the lighthouse and is located in the same compound as the lighthouse. There is a display of various lamps used in lighthouses over periods of time. You could also find information about various lenses used in lighthouses. There are also models ships used by the Indian Coast Guard. The highlight of the museum is the life size model of the lighthouse lamp along with all the lens used in this lighthouse. There is also a 5min orientation film which explains the uses of lighthouses in the modern day.

Model of Coast Guard boat

Life-size model of the lighthouse

You can then climb to the top of the lighthouse and view it. It is approx. three story tall.

Muttam lighthouse

View from the lighthouse


Muttam is a famous beach in the locality. It is small beach but a beautiful one. As it located in the Arabian Sea you can view the sunset from here.

Sunset on Muttam beach