Mettur Dam (Stanley Reservoir), Tamil Nadu

Mettur dam located across Cauvery river is the largest dam in TamilNadu. Water level in the Mettur dam recently reached it’s full capacity of 120 metres. I can say that my visit to the Mettur dam was timely.

View of Mettur dam near view tower

From Mettur bus stand, you need to take a town bus to reach mettur dam. The stop is called as Dam / Park stop.

Dam Park

The first place I visited was the dam park. The entry fee is ₹5/person.

Dam Park
The park is located right below the dam between two shutters. Most of the area is covered with trees and neatly maintained. You can only get view of the front side of the dam as the park is located at ground level.

View from Dam Park
There is a mini zoo inside the park. The have animals like rabbits, hamsters, snakes along with birds like love birds, parrots, ducks and pigeons. Nearby the mini zoo you will find a children’s play area.

Rabbits in mini zoo

Towards one end of the park you will find a small island located between two channels. You can go there by means of a bridge. You can view one of the sluices of the dam from there.

Towards the other end of the dam is the cauvery river. The water is released into the river through a hydro electric power plant. So you cannot see the water falling into the river from the dam.

Water coming out of hydro electric power plants
Watch Tower

Watch Tower
There is watch tower nearby the park. If is almost a kilometre from it. There is lift facility available but you have to pay additional charges for it. The watch tower is a five story building. And it is located on a small hill on the side of the dam. From the top of the tower you’ll get a amazing view of the water catchment area of the vast dam.

View from Watch Tower
View from Watch Tower
 The watch tower also has a photo gallery at the ground floor. You can find photos taken during the construction of the dam. There are also photos taken during the floods before it’s construction.