Bengaluru Bannerghatta Biological Park

Getting there

It is just a few kilometers away from Bengaluru city. However if you are travelling by Bus, getting there will be somewhat difficult. The busses ply here from a very few places and most of them are AC busses. Their frequency is a little low.

The ticket counter opens at 9:30 AM. But I recomend you to get there half an hour early so that you can the go into a safari without waiting much.


Safari Vechicles

The safari here is extraordinary in my opinion. I recomend to come to safari before going to the zoo or butterfly park as there is usually a long wait and the animals are best seen early in the day. You can see a lot of animals such as Elephants, Lions, Tigers, White tigers, bears and deers. It is an excellant one.


The zoo has a large number of animals and birds. There are a lot of deers in addition to few Elephants, Zebra and others. There is a large variety of birds. You will have some diffcutly spotting some snakes within their enclosures. Monkeys have the largest enclosures by size. It will take almost half a day to look around the zoo.


There is a hotel within the zoo. The food is great. However, the waiting time is high.

Butterfly park

Unlike many other zoos, the butterflies here are not on other side of a glass. It is huge dome like structure within which there is a awsome garden with flowers and butterflies. You will just walk within the garden. It's awsome.