Mathur Aqueduct

The Aqueduct in Mathur is constructed to carry water across the river Parazhiyar(பறளியாறு). It was built in 1966 by the then Chief minister Kamarajar. It is one of the tallest structures as it runs between two small hills with a river in between.

Getting there

The bus facility is extremely limited. You will need to go to Thiruvattar which is the nearest town. From there you can get to Mathur. However, the frequency of the buses is really low and it is best to come in your vehicle. There is a small entry fee of 5 INR at the time of my visit.

The experience

There is a small path along the aqueduct where two people can walk. First you will start at ground level at one of the hills. As you walk forward the depth below will gradually increase and you will see the Parazhiyar below you. At the highest point you can see the surrounding plantations and nearby villages from there. It is an awesome view.

View from the top of Mattur Hanging Bridge

Mathur Hanging Bridge

Then you walk all the way to the other end and climb down and come to the river bed. There is a small park near the river banks. You can then cross the river at the nearby road bridge and walk back to where you started. The photo below is taken in the halfway of climbing down.

View of Mathur Aquaduct from the bottom

Few more things

  • Mattur Aqueduct has a few other tourist attractions nearby like Dams. If you are on your own vehicle you can visit them within a day.
  • There are many Pineapple plantations nearby. If you come during season time, you can buy them at discounted prices.